Thursday, June 19, 2008

Still here

I know all the posts are about Chris right now. Don't worry, Alex is still here. He just doesn't do much yet. You can just assume that any given day goes something like this:

Alex slept, ate, pooped, and cried today. He doesn't do much else, but is unbearably cute:

alex impersonates chris

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

more pak choi, please

Last night I made a stir fry of tofu, pak choi, and other farm fresh veggies. Chris was so hungry by the time it was ready that he slammed Mandy's laptop closed in the middle of his favorite (at the moment) youtube cartoon when I set the table.

Once he was seated and strapped in, he took one bite of tofu, picked up his bowl and dumped all of it into Mandy's bowl. He then dragged the combined portion over to his place, grabbed Mandy's fork, and dug in. I guess he liked it.

flag day

On memorial day, we sat on Jenny's lawn to watch the (small) Hopedale parade go by. A guy on a golf cart came by ahead of the band handing out little flags to the kids. Chris and Daniel stood there and watched the whole thing go by, all the while waving their flags to folks in the parade.

This last Saturday, Chris found his flag on the floor of the car. He promptly took it down to the end if the driveway to wait for the parade that must be coming.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Quick update

All is well here in Hopedale. Alex is asleep in my lap after having just finished a bottle, so I'm going to turn in soon, too. Oops...urp. We just uploaded a bunch of pictures from the last week. There are a bunch of good shots of both Chris and Alex.

Chris has taken the new arrival very well. Too well, possibly. He really wants to help out, but has been frustrated because there are few ways a 1.5 year-old can help with a 1.5 week-old. He tried to pick hip up out of the car seat this evening. He's been trying to help Mandy off the couch by pulling on her arms. He's still clumsy the, though, and I'm saying "no" or "careful" too him too much. The poor kid is a bit frazled.

We did get to the zoo today, though. I'll have those pictures up later. In the meantime here are a couple of my favorites from last week.



Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sick puppy

sleeping in

As I mentioned in the previous post, Chris was a little sick last night. I went home to stay with him and when he was finished heaving, he slept soundly in our bed. The above underexposed cameraphone image may not be clear, but he was adorable. When he finally woke up, he quietly got out of bed, walked out into the hall (right past the monitor I had set up), and then cried.

Bringing home baby...soon

The pediatricia just gave Alex the all clear to go home. The OB on call today is running late, so mom is still not cleared. She is ready to be out of here, though.

The most likely thing to keep us here right now is Christopher. He threw up right befre bed and was sick until midnight. He seems fine this morning, but if it happens again, we may keep Alex out of he house for another day.

Also, it's supposed to be muggy this weekend and the hospital has A/C.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hello, Alex

Christopher now has a little brother and this blog has another subject. Alexander Francis Eppley was deliver by c-section at 8:55 am on June 4th. He was 8 pounds 15 ounces and 19.5 inches long. Unlike his big brother, he came out screaming.

Chris has come to visit twice now. He's a bit on the crazy side with all the disruptions, but he's been really sweet with Alex. He knows his name already but drops the "x".

"Chris, what's the baby's name?"