Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Chip off the old block

Christopher is assuredly my son. Today, at dinner, he started getting fussy. We were stumped. He had slept just an hour earlier. We changed his diaper right before he went into the high chair. Plus, he was being fed.

Apparently, the food was coming too slowly. On a whim, we put the bowl to his mouth and just shoveled the food in. Using the new method, he finished the cereal and carrots in under a minute. Next, he cleaned out half a tub of applesauce and the the rest of the peas and rice from breakfast. He looked like he wanted more, so we cracked open some bananas. In a few seconds, the tub was bare. The empties just kept piling up.

He was mad because the spoon was taking too long. Yup. He's definitely mine.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Movie: Spitting Pears

I just posted a new movie. Christopher invented a new game involving blowingg rapberries whenever we give him a spoonful of food. Joey is a big fan.

Update: now on youtube.