Saturday, April 25, 2009


Now that our little parrot is starting to branch out and try different phrases, he's saying some funny stuff.

Everyone is "sweetheart." Mom, Dad, Alex (especially after Chris has knocked him over, stepped on him, etc), the dog down the street that bares his teeth at us, the firetruck, the train, the worm, etc.

Three little boys fishing at the pond today got a "Look! So sweet!" from Chris.

Tonight as we put him to bed he said "Chris and the giraffe are tired. We had a rough day."

The "rough day" was a day spent outside in the sun. At one point he mistakenly decapitated a worm he had been holding. He ran over to us and said "Uh-oh, the worm is broken. He needs to go home to his mommy so she can fix him." Then proceeded to put both halves of the dried up worm on the dirt and dump water on it to send it home.

My personal favorite:
Chris was pulling on the outside of a fire door at a restaurant. It didn't open. After a while he came over to us, whining. We said "Stop whining and say what's wrong." He said "I want to open the door, because I can't!" We're thinking that's the story of his life these days. I want it... because I can't have it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The boys have been sharing a room for a few months now. It's gone very well, and they both seem to sleep better when they're together. Last week we started having some issues, though. Naptimes became play times. They'd be up there for hours, laughing instead of sleeping. it's cute, and we're happy they're getting along, but they need to sleep. We've been pulling Alex out of the room until Chris falls asleep, which is not a long term solution, but we thought Chris was the ringleader, and if we took his new toy (Alex) away, he'd go to sleep.

Last night we figured it out a little more. We put them down, and Alex promptly throws his pacifier and elephant overboard and then cries for them. So Chris gets out of bed and gives them back. So Alex starts laughing. So Chris starts putting on a show for him. Pretty soon they forget how it started. When John went in to address them last night, Chris said "but Alexi needed his pacifier!' Then when John left, we heard it over the monitor "Uh-oh, Alexi, you lost it already!" Explaining the situation to Chris (don't get it for him or it becomes a game and he needs to sleep) worked for last night. Maybe he's just trying to help? It's unclear. Regardless, we're happy they're enjoying each other, and hoping the going to sleep thing gets straightened out really soon.

Fun with Fractions

Last night as we were putting Chris to bed he jumped up with just his diaper on and said "Look! I'm half naked!"

I said, "Chris, I think you're a bit more than HALF naked."

He looked confused for a second and then said, "I'm five-halves naked!"