Thursday, July 30, 2009

Waiting for cupcakes

There were chocolate cupcakes in the freezer, but we had to wait for them to thaw...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Little walker

alex on the table
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Where Chris was walking by 9 months, Alex was still on all fours at 13. Granted, he's more of a climber than Chris ever was. He'l climb up anything, but despite taking many single steps over the last couple months and being able to stand pretty comfortably, he still wouldn't walk.

Last night, though, he stood up in the doorway of the play room and walked (very slowly and carefully) to the shelves on the other side of the room. He's still not running around the house, but he will be soon.

Found the camera

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In addition to finally putting up some old videos, I found the camera after it spent a week in my dresser with lots of photos on it. Here's my favorite from the bunch.

Potty break!

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Here is another good video of Chris. With the rare string of sunny days, we spent as much time outside as possible this weekend. Since Chris is learning to go without diapers, we brought a potty seat outside to help his chances.

We started about a week and a half ago. He was most of the way there by the middle of last week, but we keep pushing our luck and he'd have an accident every couple of days. But he's on a pretty good run lately.

He's still in an overnight diaper, but they've been dry most nights. We're just chicken.

Videos galore

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I went through a back log of photos and videos last night and uploaded them this morning. The videos go back to May. Here is one from Sunday when the cousins were over. The four boys played really well together all day.

Alex and Liam went down for naps first, and when Chris finally did, he asked if Kevin was going to be playing with his toys.
"Will Kevin play with my Legos?"
"Will Kevin watch George?"

Finally, he came to:
"Will Kevin be here when I wake up?"
With that, he went right to sleep.

Even more videos