Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Texas Eppleys

Reading with Mimi
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Mimi and Granddaddy have arrived for a couple days. Nothing special planned, just a couple days of visiting. Chris has already shown off all his birthday presents and is now at the park with them while his brother naps and I get some work done.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Squishing through the snow

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Last year the first snow was in October, but you still can't call this a late snow. There are leaves left on trees and some are even green.

When the boys woke up, we brought them to the window and showed them the snow. Alex said: "I want my raincoat!' They were outside in the snow until I dragged them in for breakfast almost an hour later.

After school Chris was collecting the last bits of snow and making snowballs. He didn't want Alex to destroy them, so he locked Alex in the fenced part of the yard anf built his collection outside of the fence. He wasn't too mean, though. He would put a snowball under the fence for Alex whenever he asked for one.

When I brought them in for lunch. Chris put his last snowball in the freezer.

Chris is wearing the same snowsuit and boots as last year. I just found them in the attic last night. The new gear is on order at REI, so he has to squeeze into these for now. Thei prompted Chris to say, "I love it when my boots squish me, but not when my friends do."