Thursday, December 31, 2009

Interior. It's snowing out side and there is a boy whining with both legs in one leg hole.
Chris: (Whining) I can't put my pants on!
Me:  When you're ready to pay attention, I'll help you.
Chris: You sound like a teacher.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Chris dropped off his Christmas presents for his teachers, including the soap for Miss Lynn, on Thursday. She put him back in the car at pickup and said that she, in fact, did need the soap and that was her favorite brand. She wasn't clear on how Chris knew that.

Not long after I posted Wednesday about the boys in their new beds, Alex was up and inconsolable. He ended up spending the night in our bed. I think the problem was that he was congested and couldn't breathe with his pacifier in his mouth. His nose was clearer last night and he made it through the night in the big bed. He still sleeps with the pacifier though. I'm not going to pick both those fights at once.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First night in their new beds

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The new bunk bed was delivered today. Chris is still too young, so we've set them up as twins for now. The boys spent most of the afternoon wrestling and playing on the beds. One was Santa's sleigh, the other was the science museum. This is a picture of them asleep in their beds. You can't actually see them, but they are in there somewhere.

Monday, December 14, 2009


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We've been trying to figure out what to give Chris's teacher for Christmas. We couldn't come up with anything, so we asked him. He said, "Soap, to dip things in." This didn't help us at all, so we let him pick it out.

Big bed

Alex is napping in Christopher's bed. On Saturday, we were in Lexington and the pack-n-play was in the car and it was cold out there, so we just put him down in Oliver's, our host, bed. We found him playing on the floor a few minutes later. WE put him back to bed and he stayed there and got a good, 2-hour nap.

Yesterday, he slept in the car and today, Chris offered up his bed and Alex accepted.

Time to go mattress shopping.