Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Project KIDs

We have news. I've been meaning to post this for a while now, but I was waiting until I had scanned the pictures. Christopher is not going to be an only child for much longer. We don't know much yet. (S)he has a strong heart beat and should arrive in mid June.

Frog in a pond 2


Christopher got three thanksgivings this year. We drove down to Connecticut Wednesday night and spent Thanksgiving day with Grampa. Christopher didn't like the transfer from the car to an unknown crib, so he slept with us. He was fine the next afternoon for his nap. I guess he just wanted to know where he was and he didn't when we first arrived. It was quite nice if you disregard the lack of actual sleeping. He usually won't snuggle for very long.

We had an early Dinner in Derby and headed to Auntie's house for our second dinner. Christopher got a plate of leftovers and we had some strawberry-rhubarb pie and a birthday cake. Chris spent much of the evening chasing the pugs around the kitchen. He had a blast.

I completely failed to take the camera out even once on Thursday, so I have no pictures or videos to share. Drat.

We had another Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday with the Mortons. Kim was on call Thursday, so she hosted a dinner for friends and family in their new place. I'd poked my head in the door once before, but not for long enough to really appreciate what a nice house it is. The kitchen and living/dining room are huge and beautiful. Chris was particularly taken with the longhorns mounted on the wall.

He was also a big fan of the chocolate cream pie. After dinner he spent the evening running around the house with an apple which led to my favorite picture of the night.

He capped off the night with a bottle of formula. He usually drinks milk before bed, but the powdered formula is easier to travel with. We suspect it's a bit heavier on the stomach than milk. Chris's stomach was not prepared and returned the formula to sender. The biggest casualties were Mandy's sweater and Joey, who has fond memories of cleaning spit-up off the floor. Both have been cleaned since.

Christopher chose the perfect audience, however, as everyone in the room was a parent, doctor, or vet. Rey, who had arrived late and was working on a plate full of food a few feet away, only stopped a moment to laugh at the situation before resuming dinner.