Friday, February 13, 2009

Excitement at the Ecotarium

We went to the Ecotarium a little while back. If you don't know, this is a cross between a zoo and a children's museum in Worcester. It also has one of those little trains that drives you around the perimeter. On this particular trip, we took the train ride. We saw the red fox, caught a glimpse of the polar bear, and headed through the tunnel before broad-siding a red Tercel.

She must have had some music blaring and the lady in the gate house should have warned her. She slowly drove right into our path as the engineer was leaning on the whistle. At the last second she saw us and stopped. We knocker her front end off the road, but in the end she drove away (to the parking lot) with not much more than a flat tire.

Later that day, back at home, Chris was playing with his Legos and crashed his Lego train into his Lego car.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some personality

got it
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Chris loves to talk and be the center of attention and Alex can't talk and likes to sit and watch, so we really haven't seen much of Alex's personality yet. I suppose that's not really true, but we have a lot more pictures of Chris. Last month was the first where Alex's Flickr set had as many pictures as Chris's. More to the point, pictures of Alex just aren't that interesting.

Tonight was the first time that, as I was uploading pictures, I had to stop and laugh at the pictures of Alex. He was really cute today.

Alex is mobile

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He's a little stuck in this photo, but a couple times today I looked up to see he had left the room. On Monday, I think, he figured out how to crawl, but still can't do more than a couple steps at a time and reverts to the commando crawl often.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Daddy get camera

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After climbing onto the sofa and asking us to put Alex on his lap, Chris asked me to take their picture. Here it is.

Planning the menu

We were just discussing dinner options a moment ago and lamenting that the Sushi place at the top of the hill is closed on Mondays. Chris noticed that his mom was not happy.

"Momma, why you sad?"

"Because I want something for dinner that I can't have."


Sunday, February 1, 2009


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We finally assembled all the animal cards that everyone made for Chris's birthday. We mounted them in a frame on his wall this afternoon. It only took 3 months.

Alex keeps growing

alex finds the hangers
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This has been a busy week for the younger Eppley boy. He rolled over for the first time last month and soon figured out that he could wander around a room by rolling over and over. He has also been sliding backwards for a couple weeks now. Yesterday he figured out the commando crawl. Today he has been slithering all over the place.

He started eating real food yesterday. He'd had applesauce and teething biscuits before, but yesterday was the first time he successfully ate something that he had to chew. Today he had homemade lentil soup for lunch and dinner. Last month we made soup and canned it, but didn't realize just how much it was going to cook in the jars, so it came out on the mushy side. Voila, 3 jars of baby food.

He's also started babbling all the time. Yesterday he came out with "ma ma" and, a bit later, something that sounded like "Obama."