Friday, May 29, 2009

Sit n sit n stand

After work Thursday, I met Mandy and the boys in Arlington and we walked from playgroup to Mr. Sushi with Oliver and his mom. The boys enjoyed themselves.

sushi with oliver

alex eats another avocado roll

On the way out, everyone wanted to ride in the stroller.

the sit n sit n stand

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pushing a walker

Originally uploaded by mandy&john
Alex is getting pretty stable on his feet these days. Mandy found this outdoor walking/riding toy on the side of the road this weekend and brought it home for our budding toddler. Of course Chris dominated it for the first day it was around. He started losing interest today and Alex finally got a chance to enjoy it.

He made it pretty far on one foray before I thought to go get the camera. On this clip he spends half the time being proud of himself. He'll be walking soon, but unlike Chris, he's going to wait until he knows he can keep his balance.