Monday, October 25, 2010

Crazy weekend

Alex at Liam's birthday
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In addition to Chris' 4th birthday party on Saturday, we also spent Saturday evening at his school's fall festival and a few hours Sunday at a cousin's birthday. For two out of three, we showed up without costumes to a costume party.

Chris' party was a success. We invited everyone out to Tangerini's farm for a hay ride and pumpkin painting. A few of his classmates came from about 45 minutes away. One of the bonuses was the indoor (partially) hay-bale maze. We outfitted the guests (and a few other children who just happened to be vising the farm at the same time) with flashlights and they disappeared into the hay for about 30 minutes. Hay is an amazing insulator and it was quiet for most of that time except the few seconds it took the pack of kids to emerge at one entrance and disappear into the other.

This picture of Alex is from Liam's birthday after the piƱata. Alex dove into the candy scrum and picked out all the Dum-Dums he could find. He got us to open them all; then he held them all in one hand for the rest of the day.

After two days of candy, birthday cake, and a dessert heavy pot-luck, we were wiped out on Sunday and spent the evening watching the Pats and/or the Sandlot.