Thursday, February 28, 2008

A horse says what?

Christopher saw a horse on my computer screen this morning and wanted to see more, so I brought up Geary's slide show of Aly and Lisa jumping at Rebecca Farm last summer. Most of the pictures of Aly elicited a cry of "horse" (pronounced "ush") from Chris. In these photos, Lisa is riding a pinto.

Apparently, the coloring looked like a cow to him, because his response was "Moo."

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Texas sun

We went to Houston for a week earlier this month to escape the cold. We went a little earlier than we might have if Mandy hadn't been pregnant, but we got quite lucky as far as weather goes. It was mostly 70 degrees and the rain came in dense thunder heads with plenty of dry and sunny between.

Chris got to play out side a bunch. We went to fleming park a few times and often just played in the front yard.

Of course he missed some of the nice weather during his naps.


We let Christopher play with a plain cone at Dairy Queen.

Here's one from our trip to Houston earlier this month.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Daniel had his first birthday party last night at the Hopedale Community house. In the basement, there is a function room, a game room, and a 6 lane (candle-pin) bowling alley. At some point in th middle of the party Chris wandered out of the party room to the bowling alley and made a friend.

The folks running the bowling alley were extremely nice and didn't seem to mind that we let Chris try to bowl a few times. He got the basic idea that you wanted to throw the balls towards the other end of the room, but he had trouble taking turns and I was sure he was going to drop a ball on his toes. Here's a video of his best ball. It goes right down the middle and comes to a stop about 3 feet short of the pins. Then he runs back to his new friend at the end.


Chris burns off some more excess energy.

Bye Mommy!

Christopher learned that he can watch us leave from the couch.

couch flip

Chris came up with a new game. Notice how he lands on his feet and heads straight for the kitchen saying "more."