Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Potty Monkey

This was "recommended" to us by a friend.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Baby bunk

We got the bedside bassinet built for Christopher's little brother. Of course, we'll have to get him out of it at some point.

Breakfast in the baby bunk

Mimi visits

With his mom on pseudo bed-rest, Christopher called in his Mimi for a week. He took her out to the Gold Star indian restaurant when she arrived:

finishing the veggie korma

She brought some gifts:
freak-key fingers

...and took him shopping for a new sun hat:
elmo hat

They had fun out back:
eating with Mimi

Chris took her to his favorite park before dropping her off at the airport:
at the park with Mimi

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


breakfast in bed
After breakfast in bed Friday, Mandy came home and has been doing well. Chris handled the whole thing very well while Joey was a nervous wreck. They were both happy to have her home, though.

family story time

A few days rest seems to have reversed the kidney swelling, and it looks like she'll make it to the end if she can take it easy. Mimi is in town this week to look after Christopher so Mandy can rest. I'm taking over those duties next week. Fortunately, everyone at work has been extremely understanding and supportive.

Bonus picture: Friday afternoon, Chris discovered the joys of resting on a log during a walk in the woods.

rest stop

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kid 2 (false alarm)

Most of our readers (both of you) probably know that Kid 2 is on the way. He's set to arrive sometime before June 12th. We had a little scare this morning. Mandy woke up with back pain that came and went, sort of. We thought it might be some weird sort of back labor. Whatever it was, it was painful, so we roused Nonna form bed to come over and watch Chris. We headed to the hospital.

It seems that Mandy's kidneys don't like being used as a punching bag by Christopher's little brother. She's resting now and the baby is still happy inside her. The doctors seem to think that the problem will resolve itself. In the meantime, she's nicely medicated so she can sleep. (Something that hasn't happened much lately.)

Keep watching the blog for updates, Chris should have a little brother in under a month.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lots of may pictures

We went a little overboard on pictures with the return of the new, new camera. There are already 51 photos up from May. We planted 75 strawberry plants last week. Although we only have photos from the preparation work (Otherwise known as pulling dead plants out of the ground).

It's not summer yet, but the creameries are already open.
ice cream

Waling in the Hopedale Parklands:
joey and chris