Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"I Eat"

As I ate dinner with the boys the other night, without John, I was trying to make conversation.

Mandy: "Chris, it looks like Baby Alex is enjoying his dinner, don't you think?"
Chris: "Alex is not a baby. Alex, are you a baby?"
Alex: "No."
Chris: "Alex, are you a little boy?"
Alex: "No."
Chris (quizzically): "Then what are you, Alex?"
Alex: "I eat!"

True enough.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby Chicks

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More from Silver Spruce...

Chris came home weeks ago explaining that they had an incubator at school, then a few days later, that there were eggs in the incubator. At the Mother's Day Tea I got to see the eggs, and Chris stole the camera to take this picture of them. Today when I picked him up he was more excited than normal. Most of the chicks hatched last night, but one of them waited for his class today. He said Miss Diane called him over to see the baby chick "using his egg tooth" to climb out of the egg, and then how it walked, jumped and rubbed against the other chicks. Pretty exciting for a little guy - I'm pretty sure I've never seen a chick egg hatch myself!

Mother's Day Tea

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We love Chris's school, and here's one of the reasons. To celebrate Mother's Day at Silver Spruce, Chris made me a bracelet, wrote out name cards for me and for himself (with dotting of letters from his teacher), and decorated them. He then brought me to our table (with the help of his friend, George, as he had rushed in before he had been shown exactly where his table was), pulled out my chair for me, and poured our tea in real china. We then chatted over tea and strawberries. The whole thing was adorable, although it was a miracle I ever got into or out of the tiny chair at the tiny table.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


This Easter (actually, the Saturday before when we were dying eggs) we let Chris try an egg. We'd been letting him have things with eggs baked in, but we hadn't been brave enough to try egg by itself. He ate the whole thing and had no reaction. After a few more tries we were pretty convinced he's over the allergy.

Since then we've re-introduced eggs into our regular breakfasts. Chris is still tentative (since he was fully aware that he couldn't eat them before). Given a choice he'll opt for the non egg breakfast, but his curiosity usually gets the best of him and he almost always tries the eggs.

Alex, meanwhile, is loving it. This morning, he had three hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Yesterday he had two scrambled eggs. We may have to get our own hens soon...