Monday, March 31, 2008

Stuff I found on my phone

My new phone has a camera and mp3 player in it. Since I usually have it on me and it has a lot of memory, I take a lot of mediocre snapshots with it. And every once in a while, when I synchronize my music, a bunch of new photos and movies appear in iPhoto. So I'm posting more pictures and movies here, but they are lower quality.

Here are a few things I found on my phone today.

Saturday we had dinner at Jenny and Matt's along with Jen and her son Adam. Daniel and Christopher cleaned up the extra food from the little table where Adam and Abby were eating. Here they are fighting over the last of the grapes.

And in case it wasn't clear how Christopher feels about grapes:

Yard fun:

Franklin Flatbread

We headed down to Bellingham this evening to pick up some beanbag chairs off of Cragslist. On the way home, we stopped at Franklin Flatbreads/Spruce Pond Creamery for dinner. Good stuff. This place seems like it would be packed in summer, but there were just two other groups tonight and both were charmed by Chris. While we were waiting for our pizza, ran around getting attention from everyone. We went out on the deck for a bit to give the other customers a chance to eat.

At some point I got really excited because Chris pointed to the pond and said something I couldn't quite make out. But right in the middle of the pond, was a river otter. My bubble burst a minute later when he came back and pointed at the same spot and said the same thing even in the absence of the otter. Ah well, who knows what he was looking at. It was still cool to see the otter, though.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vivian visits

Erika and Vivian stopped by for lunch yesterday on their way back to Ithaca. I didn't manage to take any pictures, but Erika had it covered.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Evening out

A couple days ago, we went out to UNO's. On the way, Chris helped himself to some generic-O's.

After dinner, we stopped by ToysRUs to get a present for Daniel. Chris picked out an Escalade.

A clip of Christopher "reading" to himself.

This clip is up on JayCut. It seems that I figured out how to post clips from there. I'm still undecided on which I'm sticking with long term, but I do like that JayCut will let you download clips easily if you want.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trip to the allergist

We took Christopher into Boston Children's to see an allergist. Since my health care is Cambridge based, we thought we'd just go there since it has a good reputation. We called up and asked for an appointment with someone. We got the guy who wrote the book on peanut allergies.

His food allergies are not very serious. He had one, skin-only reaction to eggs once. But we made the mistake of getting his blood tested for allergies last month hoping that they'd come up negative. They didn't. They weren't very strongly positive either, though. So we thought we'd get some help interpreting the results.

We felt a little guilty taking the time of an expert for something that's pretty minor in Chris, but it turns out he was fascinated by the lesion on Christopher's back. Apparently it is a mastocytoma, or something, and it usually shows up with thousands on one person. Chris has two. Dr Y brought two residents from down the hall to see.

Chris also seems to have dermatographia, in which the skin turns bright red after the slightest scratch. (literally, "skin writing") Dr Y also demonstrated this to the residents using the tip of a retracted retractable pen. I thought everyones skin did this. Mandy says no. Apparently I have it, too, although not as pronounced as Christopher's.

Anyway, it seems that what Christopher has is very mild compared to the classic cases. We're just wondering if it's something that gets worse or fades with time.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Yesterday we went to lunch with the Kellys at the Milford Mandarin. They have a great lunch buffet. I like it even better since it occurred to me to avoid the fillers (rice and lo mein). The kids enjoyed soft-serve for dessert.

Later, Chris and I folded laundry while Mom was off tutoring. Well, I folded and Crhistopher found some underwear and a laundry basket.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

March snow

It never got very cold, so it didn't really stick. However, the snow was coming down really hard this morning. Of course, that didn't stop Christopher from begging for a wagon ride.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

jello and tea

My new phone has a camera, and I've been playing around with it. This is a clip of Christopher rearranging Nonna's dry goods.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hoodsie Cup

Christopher played with some ice cream after dinner last night.

He's not a big fan of the stuff right now. We had him at the grocery store last week when all the samples were out and he kept going back for the hummus and cheddar. He had no interest in the ice cream.

This clip isn't hosted on YouTube. I discovered a couple sites that let you upload clips and edit them online. Oddly, this is faster than using iMovie on my powerbook, because iMovie wants to convert everything to a high quality raw format for editing which is very slow. I played with JumpCut and JayCut and liked them both. The former is a Yahoo property and claimed to have a button to publish to Blogger (a Google creation). There is a button. It doesn't seem to work. JayCut lets you download edited movies, which is nice, but the provided embed URL didn't work with Blogger. I guess that's why they are both still in beta.

So, for now, I'm using Jumpcut by manually copying the URL.